Update time – Pixoasis.net version 11 is in the works.

Decisions, decisions. Over the last few months I was thinking of porting the source of Kali 9 from Actionscript to Unity since flash seems to be going to way of the dinosaurs. I spent time investigating how I would go about doing this and even created a short walk around demo of the first area in Unity which only took me about a week to make. However, even though I like what unity is capable of I estimate that it would take me a few years for me to be comfortable enough to work on a project this large. Not only would the code need to be re-worked but a lot of the art assets would need to be reworked to fit Unity’s workflow. I’m sticking with AS3 & Air to finish the project.

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The apps are still available for download & purchase and work fine on iPhone 6. I don’t know how they look on the 6+ so until I can check it out on one and report back – buy at your own discretion. As for my future with apps and games I was thinking of moving from phones & mobile to desktop. This would mean a possible (re-)release of Rubedo HD for Mac and PC desktops with some extra (social) features that I didn’t get to include in the mobile version. Kali 9 would also be a desktop release only.

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